Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another post on chocolate

Today I happened by Kokako cafe in Parnell.  Jacquie and I were off to the museum for the Kai to pie exhibition and we stopped by the cafe for coffee beforehand.

While I was waiting for my coffee I noticed their boxes of hot chocolate - which I had only heard good things about. So I picked up a box for Jacquie and I at the modest price of $7.50 each.

This evening, after dinner, I whipped William and I up a batch.

In a large mug combine 1 T of Kokako hot chocolate, 1/2 T of sugar and a little hot water to combine.  Fill with milk and microwave (sorry I know evil - I was feeling very lazy though)  once hot throw a layer of marshmallows on top.

It was definitely enough sweetness for dessert.  However perhaps I'll try a less sweet version next time - to try and get some more of that deep chocolate flavour I was hoping for.

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