Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steak dinner

Had mega cravings today.  I love that, when you know exactly what you want, and you get to eat it and it's good.  So today it was for hot juicy steak and lentils.  No idea why I wanted those things so badly but anyway who am I to deny myself.
It was amazing.  Haven't eaten a lot of lentils, and these were Delmaine brand canned ones, but they were delicious and creamy and so tasty.
Again pic is from my computer's camera, but I think quite well captures the deliciousness of the arrangement.

Steak Dinner
Rump steak - a great cut, full of flavour and very well priced
1 x can of Delmaine lentils, or cook your own from scratch
For the lentils you will also need:
A sliced onion
Garlic cloves
Splash of red wine vinegar
Splash maple syrup, or sugar whatever you have on hand.

Get the potatoes boiling.
Melt onions, rosemary and garlic in a small pot with some butter.  Season this and once the onions are transparent add the lentils and cook.  Splash in your vinegar and sugar.
At this stage get a fry pan going for your steak.  Make sure both sides of the raw meat is properly seasoned with salt and pepper - it really does make a difference to the final flavour.
Fry steak to your preferred level of doneness.
While this is frying get your plates ready with a dollop of the lentils topped with parsley, pop on the rocket and the potatoes.  Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.  Once the meat is ready pile on top and pour over any cooking juices.

Eat up.

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