Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homemade peanut butter

I love peanut butter - gotta be crunchy. Eat it by the spoonful, on toast, crumpets, with jam, on celery or carrots, as satay, mixed into iceceram. So much tasty goodness.  Check out the label though and perhaps you'll notice a disconcerting difference between percentage of nuts and the full jar. Considering the food's name basically makes up its content, it's unappetising thinking about what makes up the missing approx 11%. Ew.

So I decided to make my own. After searching the supermarket for berloody ages to try and find your common peanut I managed to secure 250gms of homebrand roasted unsalted peanuts. I would have preferred to try unroasted / organic too, but it took many shopping trips just to find the ones I got. If anyone knows where to buy organic peanuts in Sydney let me know.

These cost $2.20 while a $500gm bag which I found on line at cost a mere $3.20. Keep in mind cruddy old factory made peanut butter is twice the price for 375gms / 500gms respectively.

And unless you wanna make your butter with a mortar and pestle the completion of this recipe is easy as.

Peanut butter
250gm peanuts
1T oil 
Salt to taste

Put your peanuts in your food processor, and blend up. Add some oil (I used macadamia) about 1T more or less till you get the consistency you desire. Salt the mixture. Pour in a glass jar and pop in the fridge (no preservatives here).

The consistency of my first batch doesn't have the bigger chunks like store bought - more grainy due the consistent grinding motion of the processor. You could add more roughly chopped up nuts into the final mix if you like.  This recipe, of course, works for any nuts you please.

Enjoy x

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