Monday, May 17, 2010

Another musing

Mmm earl grey tea ice cream, with some sort of crispy apple thing, or perhaps the ice cream is with a caramellised hazelnut and pastry tart.  Add a spoonful of apple compote on the side.

Seared tuna on a deep fried sticky rice ball.  With either a tomato consume or a pea sauce.

Fried circle of polenta with juicy roast chicken and onion gravy piled on top.

Teriyaki tofu with a crispy coating, on fluffy rice and asian greens.

Thats all for now.


Cowgirl said...

What a yummy blog!!! Love the mental image of the teriyaki tofu, rice and greens. I'm big on Asian greens done in sesame oil with a liberal dash of Greggs new Toasted Sesame Sprinkle to finish, at the moment...

Thanks for the tips on the Italian places on the Foodlovers Forum! I actually live near Whangarei (have a cool B&B) but have just married an Auckland boy so spend part of each fortnight there! Queen Street IT guy + Kokopu Cow Farmer - you gotta laugh!

wendalls said...

You are welcome!
I've had an operation on my hand so haven't been blogging much. All better now - so I better get back into it!

Anonymous said...

Yum - this sounds divine. Something to stimulate the tastebuds deadened by winter stodge!!! Hope you hand is on the improve.