Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendly coffee

Waste, I hate it.  Whether it be food, rubbish not recycled properly, stupid packaging or blatant wastage of disposable items.

When I worked in the film industry plastic and paper cups were de-rigor.  Because we would often be shooting on location, so no kitchen facilities were available, plus when you're on set it's a hazard to have drinks around.  Which basically means dishes and personal cups are hard to work with so disposable it is.  It was the bins chocka full of disposable cups which made me sad, those cups were made of materials purged from our earth, punched into shape by some factory in a far off land with Co2 belching from its chimneys.  Then placed in a boat chugging across the ocean.  For a meager minute life span, filled and drained then tossed away.

So how does this relate to our everyday lives, those of us that don't work on a film set, and who diligently reuse our cup at work and home?  Well how about take-away coffee? we all love it, and many of us will have a good couple a week.  The chunky cups which sit cosily in your hand have become a trend in themselves, check the gossip pages filled with pictures of undersized trend setters toting over sized coffees.  All of which get biffed in the bin after a single use.

So any way we can re-use is a friend of mine.  Specially when we can do it in a stylish way as well.  My work mate brought in one of these this week.  A cute, chubby re-usable coffee holder.  Still got the trend factor as well as being kind to the environment.  Plus you can use it for whatever you like!  To friends and family you're a long black swilling beat nick - but little do they know your cup actually holds a rare chinese tea blend.  Too cool.


Anonymous said...

I just saw these in a shop over here on Columbia road! Might have to get one I think :) x

Anonymous said...

check out

they look just like your disposables... but they're fully recyclable silicone - i've saved a million cups so far - and it keeps your coffee warm too - yuss!

enjoy x megs