Monday, February 1, 2010

Pasta success

I won a pasta machine on trade me last night. Hurrah - quite a good brand at a good price.  That's what I love about trademe.

Anyway so we were back from Keri Keri after the long weekend, and I have a big bunch of basil left over from the Farmers market.

All this has got me to thinking what delicious dishes I could make with home made pasta!

Of course there is good ole pesto - which I think I'll make this afternoon, and this wee little tasty treat which I'd call- 

Pasta with Two Sauces.
  • Grab some fresh fettucine
  • Make some rocket and walnut pesto - a fairly thin mix as per The new Penguin Cook Book
  • Fry down a mixture of mushrooms, they will start getting a bit wet as their juices come out - but keep frying till this is also fairly dry, add some milk to the mix and some herbs like flat parsley and basil.
  • Mix the pasta through with the pesto and divide into bowls. Pour over the mushroom cream, and top with parmesan.

Sounds bloody delicious - and yet again lives only in my head...

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Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Hope you enjoy your homemade pasta - there's nothing like it. It takes a bit of effort but the results taste soooo good. Love the sound of that pesto sauce :)