Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food musings

I like thinking about food. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and sometimes I have to think harder about a certain ingredient or half a dish I have going on in my head and try and find the match for it.

While I was ohmmmming at the meditation course I had a while to think about food - and definitely got a few good bursts of inspiration there.  

Dinner tonight was parmesan scrambled eggs and baked beans from a can.  It got me thinking about making my own baked beans - which is certainly not a new idea.  Suddenly I visualised the finished meal in my head:  
Chickpeas (cannellini beans? kidney beans?  cannellini and broad beans? - maybe any bean) cooked with tomatoes and herbs (thyme, parsley,basil, lemon juice) with a poached egg and parmesan cream sauce.  Sounds divine. May have to cook it this weekend.

The dishes I created in thought form only while away over New Years are:
  • Tuna Ravioli with a pea sauce
  • Smashed potato, haloumi and quinoa stack, with green beans on the side and a tomatoey sauce.
  • Won ton soup -nothing new here, just would lie to make one. However it will need to be vege now.
  • Mango chicken - probably also a no-go now, but still keen on the coconut rice and salad with walnuts and lime dressing
Ohmmmmm tasty  ;)

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