Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scary bbq

You would think 10 days of meditation would be easy. Lolling about thinking happy thoughts and seeing if you can touch your inner self.  Not quite.  10 days of extreme training more like.  Up at 4am with solid meditation all day practically till 9 at night.  Tiring and far too intense for me.  

What did I learn? - well I did meditate for the first time, which is quite an awesome feeling, but one I'd rather do when I am ready and willing to do it.  And...... I have decided to become a vegetarian. All the food there was vegetarian, and delicious.  What? you might think - meat too is delicious, which it is (although I have almost forgotten...) but one of the rules you abide by while you are on the course, and to take away with you into everyday life is - you shouldn't kill anything.  So whilst on the course you must let those freaky spiders and pesky ants roam free, and eat good vegetarian fare.  I guess it struck me the final day, that no, I did not want to kill any other creature who happens to be going about its life on the planet with us.  It too deserves to get on with living much as we try and do.  

And thats the way I see it.  So far I have been eating delicious straight forward food - no freaky ingredients insight.  And Ill see how I go.  Although I am almost fearful of my next bbq....

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Brooke said...

I do like the labels...... but I also do like the bacons, sorry W! B x