Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ice cream part 2

Well after I returned from meditation, with more than a little trepidation, I got ready to make custard ice cream.  
Sometimes I get nervous before I cook something that seems hard.  I have never made an egg custard before, so this was what was making me feel a bit edgy.
I used the recipe for vanilla ice cream from 'The new penguin cookery book' by Jill Norman.  And adapted it to be vanilla, almond and raspberry flavour.  Delicious flavours.  However as I started making the ice cream a bit late in the day, and our freezer freezes things slowly it was bedtime before it really even got to the first churn stage.  Therefore, although I studiously mixed as often as I could before bed the ice cream did form ice crystals.  Was a bit of a failure really. But I will try it again, and if all else fails - the most delicious cream version that I first made will definitely get the thumbs up from all that taste it.

Right at this moment I have the most delicious blueberry sorbet from Omaha blueberries to console me. If you haven't tried I suggest you do so.

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