Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As Xmas and New Years happened I didn't have much time to play on the blog.
So time to catch up things.

Xmas was great - I shouted myself two older versions of Jamie Oliver cook books - which between them have got some great basics like dressings and stocks, bread making and so on.  Once you have these basics you are set really to experiment and get your own creations happening.

For Xmas food we had our usual sea food bbq, with King Fish steaks this year.  Seared quickly on the barbie they were nom nom.  Also did our crostini on the bbq, which was really efficient and I would recommend you do it like this when ever possible.  On this we had pesto, walnuts and feta - which was quite simply amazing.  Then dessert, being the utter sweet tooth that I am I have always been the dessert maker in the house.  From 12 when I used to make the family fruit cake, a good month or two in advance so it could marinate and age in alcohol, to the moist everyday cakes I would make later on.  Anyway this year I decided to make pavlova, although this absolutely makes my thighs quiver at the thought of all that sugar and cream - I have decided it cant be all that bad for you.  I used the Edmond's cook book recipe and didn't take any photos - what a retard - because it was absolutely magnificent:

Edmond's cook book Pav

4 egg whites
1 1/2 cups of caster sugar
1 t white vinegar
1 t vanilla essence
1 T cornflour (tip here is to add one more teaspoon full for more marshmallow inside chewy outside action)
1/4 t cream of tar tar (my addition as most other recipes have this)

Beat egg whites till stiff.  gradually add the sugar, the mix will become all thick and glossy at this stage -mmm.  Add the other bits and pieces making sure not to over mix.  Draw a 22 cm circle on some baking paper and pile on the mixture.  Place in an oven at 150c and bake for 45 mins.  Then turn the oven off and let the pav cool in there.  Cover in cream and summer fruits.

Was sooo good, even though I did get side tracked and let it cook for 20mins more than suggested!

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